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Debt Arrangement Scheme

The debt arrangement scheme is a Scottish debt solution for people with debt problems. The debt arrangement scheme is usually a better option than the better known, debt management plan.


Entering into a debt arrangement scheme allows a person to pay an affordable amount towards their debt every month without the pressure of threatening creditor letters, telephone calls and visits. The debt arrangement scheme is only available in Scotland and cannot be entered by anybody residing in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. DAS is proving to be a popular debt solution for people who can’t afford to repay the money they borrowed.

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Debt Arrangement Scheme Scotland


The debt arrangement scheme in Scotland enables a person to:


  • Manage debt repayments which have become overpowering.


  • Stop the interest and charges on the unsecured debts, like credit cards, which will remain in place as long as the monthly repayments continue.


  • Avoid creditors trying to start court action to sell possessions or place a charge against a property.


  • Resolve debts in a reasonable manner.


  • Get the time you need to resolve unsecured debt problems.


The negatives of entering a debt arrangement scheme include:


  • Your credit file will be affected, with a default being applied, which will last 6 years.


  • Your details are entered onto the debt arrangement scheme register.


  • The debt problem must be resolved in a sensible period of time. For example, it would be unusual for a 20 year debt arrangement scheme, however in exceptional circumstances the DAS can run longer than normal.


If you live in Scotland, whether it’s debt advice Glasgow, Edinburgh or Inverness you need, we can support you to become debt free. We can help you set up a Debt Arrangement Scheme anywhere in Scotland, as well as any other debt solution like a Scottish Trust Deed.


Free Debt Arrangement Scheme


Some money advisors charge to help people enter a debt arrangement scheme. At Debt Support Trust, our debt advice team help you to enter a DAS for free.


In a debt arrangement scheme, a single monthly payment is sent by yourself to your approved payments distributor. As long as you maintain your monthly repayments your DAS will stop creditors from adding interest and charges, or taking legal action against you.


Who’s Involved in a DAS?


There are 5 key people in the debt arrangement scheme process. These include,



  • You: Whoever owns the debt and is entering into the DAS and agrees to the debt payment programme (DPP).
  • Qualified money advisor: A DAS money advisor is required for the person to enter the solution.


  • Companies owed the money: The creditors who are owed the money will have a vote on whether they wish to accept the DAS.


  • The DAS administrator:  The register for DAS must be kept up to date and the Scottish Government funded Accountant in Bankruptcy is the DAS administrator.


  • The payments distributor: The company responsible to distributing money to each creditor so they receive their share.