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Who Is Affected By Debt?

At Debt Support Trust we are often asked who is affected by debt, although this question may be asked in a variety of ways. Sometimes people are worried whether an ex partner’s debt will affect them, others are concerned their own debt might be harming other people.   There are two ways someone may be affected […]

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Can’t Afford Insurance

Recent research from Debt Support Trust has confirmed that many families in need of insurance policies don’t have them in place, should the worst happen. Debt Support Trust’s charity advisors have helped people resolve £100 million worth of unsecured debts. Research from the information gathered found that 61% of people who have at least one […]

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Dealing with Debt At Christmas

Christmas has become an expensive time of the year for the average family in the UK and it’s all to easy to build up debt at Christmas. Those consumers who already have debt prior to Christmas will find it even harder to cope with the additional expense. The festive period will see a lot of consumers […]

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