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Poundland work scheme Government have failed to overturn ruling

The Government went to the Supreme Court yesterday to appeal over a previous ruling that their back to work schemes were legally flawed, they have lost. Earlier rulings have said the “schemes were invalid” and yesterday Ministers failed to overturn this ruling. Miss Reilly claimed that sending her to work in pound lands store for […]

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Scottish Insolvency Numbers Fall

The number of people entering insolvency debt solutions in Scotland has fallen according to official figures released from the Accountant in Bankruptcy. The second quarter figures for the year show a 14.7% decrease compared with the first quarter and a 16.1% drop from the same period last year. Insolvency Numbers Overall there was 3,411 personal […]

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What Exactly Is A Protected Trust Deed?

A Protected Trust Deed (PTD) is a Scottish debt solution for people living in Scotland or has resided in Scotland for the last six month. To be suitable for a PTD you must be in employment and able to contribute towards your debt on a monthly basis. Your debt has to be of a certain […]

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