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A Scottish trust deed is just one of many debt solution for people living in Scotland.

Find out more about the other routes out of debt or more about the trust deed Scotland solution.

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FAQ: Trust Deed

Get answers to the most frequently asked trust deed questions.

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Scottish Debt Help

Trust Deed Advice is managed by debt advice charity, Debt Support Trust.

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Protected Trust Deed Scotland

The Protected Trust Deed debt solution helps people in debt to repay a percentage of their debt over 4 years. The Scottish solution enables a person to repay what they can afford each month and will write off the debt, interest and charges which cannot be repaid at the end of the trust deed.

A trust deed can only be entered by people who live in Scotland, the equivalent in the rest of the UK is an IVA.

People who enter a protected trust deed would usually only repay a percentage of the debt they owed.

There are some criteria to meet before entering a Scottish trust deed, so it's important to seek charitable debt advice first. At Debt Support Trust we provide a full range of debt advice for people in Scotland, explaining the positives and negatives of each debt solution.

Alternative Debt Solutions

Debt Arrangement Scheme: The DAS debt solution is similar to a debt management plan, however it does have some key differences.

In a DAS all interest and charges are frozen and you repay all of the money you borrowed. The DAS is particularly suitable if you have a considerable amount of equity in an asset, such as a property.

Sequestration: There are various routes to enter sequestration, often referred to as bankruptcy. For many people, this is the most suitable route to resolve money problems.

Sequestration will last 1 year but the trustee could demand someone makes payments to their debt for four years with a debtor contribution order.

There are other options too when dealing with debt, such as a token payments or negotiating with creditors. A charity money advisor at Debt Support Trust can explain which debt solutions you would be suitable for, along with the pros / cons of the plan and the process. You can seek debt advice from Debt Support Trust on 0800 085 0226.