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Debt Solutions

There are a number of different debt solutions in Scotland for people with debt problems. If you owe money to various different creditors and are struggling to meet repayments, then debt advicefrom Debt Support Trust can help. The range of available debt solutions will vary based on your personal and financial situation.


Whether someone requires a debt management plan, Scottish trust deed or bankruptcy, there’s always a debt solution available to help.

Debt Solutions For Debt Problems

The debt solutions differ in Scotland to the rest of the UK because Scottish debt advice is governed by different legislation. The correct debt solution will depend on your financial and personal situation. Advice for debt should always be specific to you as general money advice will not be tailored to your circumstances. It’s for this reason that we always advise getting professional debt advice before entering any debt solution.


Scottish Solutions


In Scotland, the debt solutions available vary and include options for every level of debt, income and expenditure. For people with low amounts of debt (below £3,000) and to small numbers of creditors, but are struggling financially, then negotiating with creditors can be the best option. Usually token payment plans can start as little as £1 per month and are utilised by people on low incomes or the unemployed.


Other debt solutions in Scotland that could be applicable are:


Debt Arrangement Scheme

Trust Deed



English, Welsh & NoRthern Irish Solutions


Despite Scottish debt solutions being the focus of Trust Deed Advice by Debt Support Trust, there are also different debt solutions for people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


The debt solutions for people living in England, Wales or Northern Ireland are a Debt Management PlanIVA and Bankruptcy.


If you need debt help and live outside of Scotland please call debt advice charity, Debt Support Trust on 0800 085 0226. We help people across the whole of the UK and are experienced in providing people with the support they need to become debt free.